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Bear Ochs






Bear Ochs, an Animator, VFX Artist, and Editor at Blueline, has been redefining visual storytelling since 2020. With a BA in Media from Indiana University, Bear brings over seven years of industry experience. His standout moments include editing a video that wowed Snoop Dogg and a crowd of 2000, and managing a livestream with 70,000 viewers.

His work in motion graphics for the award-winning George Taliaferro documentary showcases his ability to subtly elevate a story. Bear believes in exceeding expectations and delivering the 'wow' factor, a testament to his dedication and creativity.

Outside of Blueline, Bear is as unique as his name, which he earned as a 12-pound newborn. He grew up in the country, nurturing a love for animals and nature alongside his six dogs. Bear's hobbies include discussing reality shows and outplaying opponents in online video games. Described by his peers as goofy, kind, and loyal, he brings a blend of professionalism and personal charm to every project.

In a world of pixels and deadlines, Bear stands out as a master of his craft, driven by a passion for creating visuals that linger in the hearts and minds of audiences.

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