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Blueline Pictures

What began as a collective curiosity for chasing untold stories has quickly emerged into a filmmaking team that honors barrier-breakers, legacy-makers, and record-challengers. 

Founded in 2013, Blueline Pictures is the cinematic arm of Blueline. We are proud of the awards our films have earned and the film festivals we have had the honor of screening in, but what means the most to us is the genuine responses from the people we have highlighted and the audiences who have watched our films. When we get a message that something we created meant something to someone or helped someone see the world with a new perspective we know that we have done our job.

Our film projects have graced the screens of notable platforms like Netflix, Peacock, Big Ten Network, PBS, Outside TV, and Amazon Prime TV.

Whether a story seeks us out or we discover and curate it, nothing takes flight unless we wholeheartedly believe in its potential. So, step into the realm of Blueline Pictures, where film is more than reels and frames – it's a vessel for stories that truly matter.

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