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The B1G Story | George Taliaferro

Illuminating an Icon: George Taliaferro
Many know George Taliaferro as the greatest Indiana Football player to ever grace the sport or the first African-American drafted in the NFL but there is more to his story than what the masses know. In this documentary created for Big Ten Network, we uncover the story of a legend that lives beyond his time on the field. Through a treasure trove of archival videos, photos, and sitting around the table with family and friends; we unlock untold stories that highlight the influential life of George. Committed to the fight for equality and rooted in reverence, this documentary film spotlights more than a man, it illuminates an icon. Fore more info: Full Film only available on Big Ten Plus. “It’s really powerful the life that he lived and the things that he did, certainly on the football field,” said BTN senior coordinating producer for Big Ten Network Originals Bill Friedman. “But I think as you will find in this film, he just lived a really rich life that impacted Indiana both athletically and socially, and I think that’s a powerful story to tell.”

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