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Advanced Campaign

A Blueline Approach
to content creation

What is a Blueline Advanced Campaign?

A BLUELINE Advanced Campaign is a vision and dedicated approach to content creation that emphasizes specific strategies to create the most amount of content with the highest messaging impact possible. Leveraging strategies in regards to production, question writing;  organizing vast amounts of interview content by goals and themes, to reliably provide a fleet of deliverables that:


1) creates and supports the overarching campaign message 

2) provides a deeper and comprehensive understanding of the necessary details 

3) illuminates the personality and character of individuals representing the organization 


This approach accounts for the primacy of delivering engaging content that speaks directly to your message while also reducing the rigidity normally encountered when companies need to say a lot of things well.


Our Advanced Campaign approach reduces traditional inefficiencies so that

our work and your message can shine as brightly as possible.

The Cutting Room Floor

Traditionally, when making one video with three speakers, the production process includes spending, let’s say, 40 minutes interviewing each person.

The editors then make selections, highlighting the most concise quotes for the topic at hand.

This typically produces one wonderful, useful, 3-minute video. 




But what happens to the other 117 minutes worth of interview content? There is so much left on the cutting room floor…


Make the most of it.

You are going to have ambassadors for your organization sitting down for an interview regardless of whether we are making 1 or 20 videos. That takes a finite amount of time and resources to make that interview day happen. Let us  map out other strategic deliverables so you can make the most of it. 

Blueline is primarily a documentary style production company. We are expert interviewers and editors, and we know from experience how much GOOD MATERIAL gets left on the cutting room floor.  We want all the impactful moments to reach its intended audience. And sometimes, one 3-minute video is just not enough time to do that.  That is why we use a 1-3-5 formation to organize and present our messaging. 

Structure of Deliverables

While every Advanced Campaign is unique, our typical framework for deliverables follows a consistent balance between broad audience and targeted precision.


Our Approach

Once Blueline was first selected to produce the video series, our first order of business was to pick two instructors whose videos could serve as a “vertical slice” of the series. With each video requiring a different mix of on-screen instruction, practically-filmed demonstration, animated illustrations, and informational graphics, it was crucial that the bulk of the videos were not filmed until we had established the overall look and feel of the series.


After scouting and filming with two aviation instructors, we identified several methods we could use to streamline production which were informed by both the production days themselves and the editing process. We established a project-specific shot listing format which helped both production and editors delineate between objects, actions, and processes that were completely foreign to them.


Simultaneously, our designers iterated through styles for both the repetitive assets that would be necessary, such as bulleted lists, thumbnails, and callouts, as well as topic-specific animation styles. We worked closely with the VU team to ensure that graphics would clearly convey information while remaining readable on mobile devices.

Pilot Videos

These two videos were used as our "vertical slices" to iterate on design, illustration, and animation practices that would carry on through the series. After these videos were approved by VU's president, we shifted into mass production.

Learning and teaching at the same time

Blueline always assumes that our clients are the experts, and it is our job to make their expertise understandable and relevant to their target audience. We specialize in learning enough to re-teach the most important pieces of information over the course of a project, and this Career and Technical Education series was an exercise in training this skill through endurance.


With VU’s provided scripts, which were based on introductory calls with instructors, we had additional conversations with instructors before production and throughout their shoot day to ensure that their instructional content was captured in the best possible way. In editing, we continued to work with the VU team and instructors to ensure that every video as accurate, clear, and understandable to a general audience.


​Over the course of 21 shoot days and 11 months, our team learned and helped teach topics ranging from surgical tech to agribusiness, from surveying to welding, and from piloting a plane to maintaining one. In total, we produced:​

  • 83 total videos

  • 22 instructors represented, most with 4 videos

  • Over 5.5 hours of video content, all closed-captioned

  • Unique thumbnails and YouTube interactions

Full Series

The full 83-video series is linked below; simply click on any video to view.

Sample Gallery

Curated Selection

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