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University Development

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Inspirational Legacies

Sometimes one person's story can inspire thousands of gifts. We love every opportunity to elevate the actions of hardworking and selfless individuals, inspiring other folks to follow their footsteps or support their successors.

IU Foundation | Student Emergency Support Fund

After his own experience with extremely limited financial resources, IUF board member Milt Stewart sought to start a scholarship fund that could be a last-dollar solution to keep good students in school when times were tough. The Foundation turned to Blueline to create this video, featuring moving stories from two students, as well as IU's provost who credited her own law degree to a similar act of compassion. This video was used to (successfully!) secure board approval to initiate the fund, which is now actively supporting students in need.

University of Evansville | A Harlaxton for the 21st Century

This small liberal arts campus in Southern Indiana is a joy for its students, but its best kept secret is its castle in the English countryside where students can study abroad alongside centuries of history. UE partnered with Blueline to produce a series of videos, including this one, to build excitement and support around bringing a 21st century strategy to this enchanting opportunity for students.

Duke Health | Prostate Cancer Awareness

Duke Cancer Institute is taking charge when it comes to encouraging men to be more proactive in screening for prostate cancer.We enjoyed developing a video that highlights PSA testing in an informative way to encourage proactivity in not only African-American males but men everywhere. Early detection is a game-changer, at Duke, prostate cancer awareness is at the forefront of its many efforts to save the lives of those we love.

Sharing Gratitude

Every gift is an important step in securing the University's future, from $1 to $1,000,000. Blueline has expertise helping schools large and small demonstrate gratitude to donors from events to emails.

UNC Development | Scholarship Thank You

This award-winning video was created for a 2023 celebration event capping off a successful $5 Billion campaign for UNC. Winning a "Best of CASE" award, this video also allowed 12 distinguished scholarship winners to collectively share their gratitude, despite some of them not being able to be physically present.

Rose-Hulman | Alumni Giving

With fewer than 2500 students, Rose-Hulman Institute of technology has maintained its rank of #1 undergraduate engineering program for 24 years and counting largely through the generosity and consistency of its alumni support. As part of our long-term relationship with Rose-Hulman, we produced this video featuring interviews with current and future alumni expressing their passion and gratitude for supporting the university, which has reportedly brought folks to tears of joy at many events.

IU Foundation | Dear Donor

Each year, hundreds of thankful students across the Indiana University network write heartfelt letters to the donors whose gifts have contributed to their education. We partnered with the IU Foundation to put faces to just a few of these real letters so that donors could visualize the impact of their gifts in a real, grounded way.

Ball State University | Thank-You Letter Companion Video

To pair with its physical annual donor thank-you letter, the Ball State University Foundation collaborated with us to visually illustrate the value of support for Ball State and, more importantly, how little impact would exist without donors' support. This video gives donors a clear picture of how important they are to the university's existence.

Exciting Causes

Many folks are willing to give if they have something to get excited about. Our clients trust us to profile people and causes donors can be proud to root for, and a joy to support.

UNC Development | DeCarlos Profile

Decarlos' story is an example of how well-designed programs can be a springboard for hardworking students. From parking lot security guard to Hollywood animator, the Carolina C-Step program was central to DeCarlos' journey and UNC Development trusted Blueline to edit this engaging profile to raise support so that stories like this can continue in the Caronlinas.

IU Foundation | Milt's Story

A man dedicated to giving back, Milt Stewart started life with almost nothing, but emerged from IU with no debt as a result of scholarships he'd received. While we were recording with Milt and IUF staff for a series of videos about various methods of planned giving, we had the opportunity to ask just a few extra questions about why he's such a passionate donor, and film just a few shots on campus with him; this video was delivered alongside the originally-planned series.

Attention-Grabbing Giving

Whether you're celebrating the completion of a major campaign or seeking funds for a specific need, Blueline has the skill and experience to convey the nuance and intricacies of university development.

UNC Development | GiveUNC 2024 TV Spot

To promote its second annual GiveUNC celebration, UNC Development partnered with Blueline to produce this TV spot, which illustrated how gifts can be one more way to "cheer" for the Tar Heels. UNC's talented staff and students wrote and filmed the piece, and our team was entrusted with the post-production process including edit, color, and audio.

IU Foundation | The Great Mascot Bake-Off

For the first several years of IU Day, the IU Foundation entrusted Blueline to create videos celebrating the mascots from IU's many regional campuses. After a dance-off and race around Indianapolis in previous years, we brought a whole new gear of creative direction with a mascot bake-off featuring custom cakes, feline antics, and the most involved competition to date.

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