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Economic Development


Grab Attention

Whether you're connecting with potential tourists, residents, or employers, it takes a full spectrum of media to hit the right notes for the right folks.


Anthem Video

Indiana Destination Development Corporation | IN Indiana

To launch the IDDC's new brand, we produced a series of commercials, an Anthem video, and several days of photography to highlight all there is to discover In Indiana. With tagline and script from one of the other firms involved, our team filmed and photographed a mix of urban and rural environments, securing actors for scenes requiring specific emotions or actions, and capturing portraits of real hoosiers everywhere in between.

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Tourism Video

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Come and See

Show potential visitors all the parts of your community worth traveling for with compelling photo and video.

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Discover Southern Indiana | Campaign Launch

Celebrating the offerings of 11 counties, Discover Southern Indiana is a hub for all folks wishing to visit this beautiful corner of the crossroads of America. Working closely with DSI staff and each county's Convention and Visitors' Bureau, we captured footage and video across 9 days, 3 seasons, dozens of individual locations. From stein-holding competitions to snowy innertube races, our team experienced just a taste of all to offer in the region, helping the brand to launch with a fully-populated website.

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An Individual Focus

At Blueline, we understand that cities and towns grow when individuals choose to pursue a brighter future and welcome others to join them. These are some of the ways we've highlighted current or future leaders.

Regional Opportunity Initiatives | Suzy Builds a Catapult

As part of a broad, multi-year workforce and economic development project, our team and ROI agreed that some of the most important leaders of tomorrow are in today's elementary school classrooms. We conceptualized, wrote, and produced four videos aimed at encouraging 5th graders to consider which types of kid-friendly examples of careers from their own region might appeal to them. The goal was to meet kids at an age where they could grasp the idea of a career, and still had all potential options available.

Regional Opportunity Initiatives | Gabi - Electrical Engineer

Intended to reach high schoolers who might reasonably be only a few months from entering the workforce, this example is one of nine "virtual job shadow" videos we also created as part of our work with ROI. Highlighting exemplary workers across the region's three main industrial sectors, these videos demonstrated the types of roles which had current or fast-approaching need, showing enough of each role to pique the interest of potential recruits, or help students filter for opportunities which suited them.

Cali' Flour Foods | Our Story

Nestled in the rural central valley of California, Amy Lacy found herself in need of dietary options based on honestly-grown, simply processed principles. Seeing a gap in the market for herself and others like her, she built Cali'Four foods from the ground up. Growing the business to a successful acquisition, under her guidance the company introduced and sold a series of products which used only a few of the freshest ingredients, and could be enjoyed by folks regardless of their dietary restrictions.

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Economy and Scale

When enough driven individuals place their focus on a brighter tomorrow, it can be a catalyst for broad regional growth. Here's a few examples of how we've profiled organizations and industries focused on healthy business communities.

UNC | Kannapolis Revitilization

To recognize the results of the collaboration between the city of Kannapolis, NC and the University of North Carolina, we worked closely with representatives from both parties to produce this short documentary. It highlights the collaborative process which brought about the revitalization, and outlines how the process was brought about in the hopes that other communities can implement similar strategies.

Regional Opportunity Initiatives | Advanced Manufacturing Sector

One more component of our large-scale project with ROI involved producing highlight videos for each of the three primary industrial sectors in in the Indiana Uplands: Advanced Manufacturing, Life Sciences, and National Defense. These videos highlight how businesses will find an established workforce, and how incoming workers will have opporunities for both upward and lateral career progression within the region.

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