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Ben Frazier






Ben Frazier is a Sound Designer and Editor at Blueline who loves to jog, and hates to run.

Since 2013, Ben has helped rethink the way audio and sound impacts our projects and edits all of our productions with precision. With a Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunications from Indiana University, Ben has brought a creative edge to some of his most memorable projects at Blueline such as Time to Heal, Worth the Wait, and Feel of Vision to which he was awarded a Gold Telly.

As an award-winning editor, Ben scores many of the films we produce at Blueline and has even won Best Editor for the 2020 Hoosier Films Annual Festival. He has worked on projects for the Big Ten Network such as the George Taliaferro and Worth the Wait documentaries which are some of his most rewarding projects to date. Ben truly enjoys seeing a raw emotional response from audiences and grazing the hearts of individuals through the work produced with fellow creatives on the Blueline team. A true asset in the sense that his everyday work in audio development has helped to create tangible memories for clients and their audiences alike; he once said that “sound is the shortcut to the heart”. A sentiment he truly stands by and demonstrates at the core of all of his creative work.

When Ben isn’t working at Blueline, he can be found indulging in music production, bowling, smoking meat,  reading graphic novels, playing disc golf with friends and doing yoga.

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