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Chelsea Sanders






Chelsea Sanders is Executive Director and Partner at Blueline aka curator of extraordinary things.

As Founder of Blueline, Chelsea Sanders has always had a vision to bring deep meaning to the way we see and experience life. With over 20 years of crafting work through means of visual storytelling, she has operated alongside her dedicated team to elevate brand stories and solidify identities of a diverse range of clientele throughout the years. After gaining her B.A. in fine arts and tech, she set out to fuel her creative passion of helping others to discover their brand identities and envision their future. Establishing Blueline in 2004, Chelsea made her way from young, bustling photographer to savvy business woman working closely with some of today’s major brands and personalities.

With her career spanning over 18 years, she has fashioned a brilliant team at Blueline that crafts award-winning visual stories and travels all over to deliver world-class services to clientele. Chelsea is an innovative business woman who has a vision the size of her heart and works to infuse raw, emotive storytelling into the veins of Bluelines culture. When she’s not curating major projects she isn’t afraid to get behind the lens and produce iconic photos. (She’s even snapped photos of Barack Obama). Chelsea strives in all of her personal work as well as Blueline’s vast portfolio of productions to help clients discover those hidden gems about themselves or their stories that go unseen in the everyday.

With a passion for inspiring women and pouring into her community, Chelsea has been awarded Bloomington’s Top 10 Under 40 (2017) and co-founded Be Golden — an Indiana-based women’s empowerment conference that has hosted 100 speakers to date. No stranger to the power of investing in people, Chelsea continues to lead by teaching Brand Confidence to women business owners and providing continued resources to thought leaders who are further shaping the future. When she isn’t scouting or nurturing the next big project at Blueline, you can find her podcasting, hiking, painting, or curating community art shows in her downtown Bloomington based art studio that she has owned and passionately operated for over 10 years.

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