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Grace Newlin






Grace Newlin is Creative Director at Blueline and a brilliant band member.

Since 2015, Grace Newlin has managed large comprehensive campaigns at Blueline and brought a fresh perspective to the way client stories are communicated. With a background in arts and humanities, she fuses creative refinement with bold perspectives to help produce visual works that clients can be truly proud of. Grace is all about meeting challenging client projects with a listening ear to suggest and execute directions that truly exceed their expectations.

Being Creative Director means Grace’s daily work entails anything from tracking college kids’ schedules for productions, managing multi-day shoots, keeping count of hundreds of props, or triumphantly overcoming inevitable project hiccups. She has worked on amazing projects for clients such as Indiana University, Bookmark Indy, Harlaxton, Proof Skills Series, and German American. Integral to some of her most stellar accolades, Grace is a Telly award winner for her groundbreaking commercial work and formerly served as producer for German American.


When Grace isn’t helping clients pivot their creative projects amid a global pandemic, developing heartfelt series, or directing the next big Blueline project you can find her hiking, cooking, or playing guitar

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