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Hunter Atkins






Hunter Atkins is a Producer at Blueline who can regurgitate a live goldfish at any time. 

Since 2016, Hunter has helped to produce prized projects for Blueline clients across several  industries. Hunter holds a Bachelor of Arts in Literature with a focus on Research and Multimedia Studies and has served as a story consultant on huge projects such as Feel of Vision and Worth the Wait. He is former editor of Sandhills Magazine and was once employee of the month at BBQ Emporium. That’s right, we only work with the best of the best. 

As a seasoned producer, Hunter has sourced key archival material for the George Taliaferro documentary which helped to create a deeply raw and heartfelt production for its audiences. He has worked to produce several “Day-in-the-Life” videos for Duke Family Medicine which are used worldwide to facilitate discussions around Unconscious Bias and diagnosing vulnerable patient populations. Hunter continues to put his heart into every body-of-work conjuring up emotion, frequent weeping, and fruitful discussion amongst its viewers.

Hunter is an 8th Dan ranked practitioner of the ancient Japanese business philosophy: Kaizen. When he isn’t producing over at Blueline, he can be found investing his time in the life of fashion designer, Rick Owens, nurturing his curiosity for synthesis, or engaging in long-form journalism.

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