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Kevin Weaver






Kevin Weaver is Executive Producer and Partner at Blueline who has a knack for Roman history.

Since 2008, Kevin has helped endear brands to their audiences through his innovative approach to visual art at Blueline. As a graduate of Indiana University with a degree in Media Production and Design, Kevin has spent over a decade working with brands such as REI, Rakuten, Outside TV, CBS, and the Big Ten Network helping to craft messages that candidly move a wide variety of audiences. Kevin has produced and edited award winning feature length narrative and documentary films, many of which focus on Indiana based stories, aiming to keep production thriving in Indiana. His work has been selected for numerous film festivals, including the SXSW Film Festival, the Milano International Film Festival, and the Heartland Film Festival. Kevin has been nominated for several Emmy’s which speak to the value of his dedication to the craft.

Ranked 5th nationally for Public Forum Debate in high school, he now fuses the art of competitive strategy into exciting means of storytelling to fully create an emotional impact. Whether it is a feature length film, documentary, broadcast commercial, or home movies he makes with his wife and two kids, the common element in his work is heart. As a true leader, he believes “the marriage of picture and audio are where the mysteries of the human condition are communicated and shared”. When Kevin isn’t spearheading heartfelt projects at Blueline, you can find him overindulging in hummus, hitting the history books, or doing anything that involves being outdoors. Kevin currently teaches Advanced Post Production at the Indiana University Media School in the Cinema Arts Program.

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