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Matt Dillman






Matt Dillman is Director of Photography at Blueline and heir to a jelly empire. (Seriously.)

Since 2016, Matt has changed the way we do production at Blueline. A former media student at Indiana University, he knows how to tastefully fuse feelings into media to evoke an emotional response that lingers in the minds of audiences for years to come. Matt has filmed two feature documentaries for the Big Ten Network and holds many of his creative projects close to heart such as Feel of Vision which won at Big Sky Film Festival, Mountain Film Festival, and Banff.

As a trailblazer in the industry, Matt additionally received the Judges Choice Award and an Emmy nomination for his work with Cutters highlighting his remarkable dedication to the craft of film. He has collaborated on memorable projects that have garnered additional awards such as the Indiana Spotlight Award, the Indiana Audience Choice Award 2021, and his work has been on display at the Indy Shorts International Film Festival. Matt has also received many Golds for the Addy’s and Tellys for previous projects.

As Director of Photography, Matt makes fully expressing client stories his number one priority. He was once cursed out while interviewing Bob Knight for “messing up” and complimented for his hard work all within 10 minutes, to which he believes gave him “the whole experience”. Matt continues to bring grit and honesty to his video work at Blueline and says if he could teach any class as an expert it would be “Keeping it Trill 101”. When he isn’t working at Blueline, you can find him snowboarding, pro wrestling, or doing fun activities with his wife and kids.

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