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Matt Rice






Matt Rice is Creative Director at Blueline and a curious coffee-lover.

Since 2008, Matt has helped to curate and elevate client stories through scripting, editing, and production design for Blueline. As Creative Director, Matt knows the importance of merging a client’s expressed desires into memorable visuals to create a glorious final production. He has spent time in the commercial field as an editor and idea scriptor for notable brands like Target, Microsoft, Crate & Barrel, and Iams. 

Matt deeply believes the creative flow of an edit or scripting process is unlike anything else and his compassionate character has helped to make the projects he has touched at Blueline some of the most profound projects to date. Matt has co-pioneered a rebrand with Colleges of Arts and Science and spearheaded the development of our creative relationship with Cook. Through his work, he was selected as Winner of the New York TV Pilot Festival first round and Winner of Just For Laughs Chicago Comedy short film (2011). 

True to thrill, Matt was once B-Cam on a Machine Gun Kelly music video that got out of hand, but that’s another story for another day. When he isn’t adding his unique touch to creative projects here at Blueline, you can find him reading, playing piano, or enjoying a solid coffee-walk conversation.

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