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Mitch Hannon






Mitch Hannon is Lead Producer at Blueline and loves learning technical details about processes.

Since 2016, Mitch has helped supervise production on a high level for a sea of diverse clients. 

True to his craft, he enjoys engineering technical solutions and fine-tuning creative narratives to produce life-changing visual stories. Mitch holds a Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunications Sales and Promotion from Ball State University with years of knowledge in strategizing operational efficiencies.

Mitch has a true passion for translating between subject matter experts and their intended audiences and loves to think outside-the-box when it comes to the art of production. As a casual gamer, he has had the honor of working on unique projects for top gaming brands like Mortal Kombat and Dallas Empire (now OpTic Texas.) Mitch has produced work for notable brands like SIGMA, General Motors, Cook Medical, and Legendary Digital Network. Constantly bringing an innovative approach to his work, he once built a set of job costing, pricing, and tracking tools from the ground up (don’t try it at home). Mitch is known for going the extra mile to please clientele, and once rigged up a remote-interviewing setup on the spot to fulfill an unanticipated client request. 

When it comes to producing an extraordinary project for the brands we work with Mitch holds no punches. He enthusiastically turns everyday narratives into absolute tear-jerkers and continues to produce powerful projects that pull at the heart of their audiences. When Mitch isn’t producing visual stories, you can find him hiking, running, or playing with his cherished pets.

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