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Tucker Gragg






Tucker Gragg is Lead Creative Director at Blueline and a lover of Pickleball.

Since 2012, Tucker has been a catalyst in the genesis and evolution of Blueline. A graduate of Indiana University with a degree in Production and Design, he has enjoyed spearheading the completion of the Blueline’s first feature length broadcast documentary. Way to be a game-changer! Tucker has collaborated on award-winning projects such as Feel of Vision which received the 2019 Best Documentary Short award. He has also been recognized for his work in festivals such as Big Sky, and has received Golds for productions represented at both the Addy’s and Tellys. 

Essential to his history of profound creative direction, Tucker and the team have been Emmy nominated for the work on the project Cutters. Tucker has a passion for meeting difficult challenges in his line of work whether it be creating Summer scenes in 30 degree weather, encapsulating a fifty-year story into a single hour, or rigging cameras onto boats to capture the perfect scene. He prides himself on using challenging projects to inform thoughtful creative solutions and adapting to unique circumstances to meet client expectations. His most memorable projects to date are works such as George Taliaferro, Worth The Wait and Feel of Vision

Genuinely curious and a tear-jerking storyteller, Tucker loves to produce work that captures the heart and soul of its subject while merging his ideas artfully into the client’s rawest story. When he isn’t directing at Blueline, you can find him watching a good documentary, taking on a new recipe in the kitchen, or mountain biking.

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