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Dallas Empire | Defending the Throne

Call of Duty, A Series

In a series titled Defending the Throne, we highlight players and storylines that bring excitement to the love of the game. Following the Dallas Empire after their championship title in the CDL's inaugural year, it follows the team through the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War season. With production and cinematography spearheaded by Graham Sheldon, our team worked alongside Envy Gaming (now OpTic Gaming) to edit, co-write, and co-produce a Call of Duty series for the Dallas Empire (now OpTic Texas).

This series included 8 episodes and followed the team through early victories, team changes, the first post-COVID LAN tournament, the return of crowds of cheering fans, and just missing a chance for back-to-back titles after a nail-biting "greatest map of Call of Duty" on Raid Hardpoint.

Dallas Empire | Defending the Throne