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Dr. Joe Spires | Without Teeth Music Video

Now Do a Fun One!

Stories in the medical field can often feature deeply scientific research or somber realities and challenges, but they don't all have to be. Powered by sheer personality and dedication to oral health, this piece is driven by Dr. Joe Spires' original lyrics and our entire creative team's dedication to the bit.

Our third collaboration with Dr. Spires, this music video features extensive prosthetics, camera tricks, and compositing to drive home the importance of practical dental hygine tips. In between takes of comedic action, Dr. and Mrs. Spires' comments proved just how much they'd love to see this video have a real impact on community health. This project will live rent free in our heads for its unique blend of genuine hilarity and sincere care about the topics featured.

Dr. Joe Spires | Without Teeth Music Video